Year 1

A review


Dean Marchiori


June 3, 2024

With the financial year drawing to a close in a few weeks, I took the opportunity to look back on our first full year operating Wave Data Labs.

In a year full of hype around AI, I was happy to stick with our market position of ‘All science, no hype’ and now feel even more confident that understanding a problem deeply and applying traditional mathematical techniques still adds considerable value.

The idea to move into more freelance style consulting came from the need to be more flexible, gain a better work-life balance and deal with some important family matters. So while work was not always my focus, I was very committed to delivering a premium service and helping my clients solve complex problems.

Overall, professionally it was an extremely rewarding year filled with diverse projects and interesting people. Thank you to all of my clients and partners throughout the year, I really appreciated your support and I hope my work has helped you on your journey.


  • I worked on average 4.2 days per week.
  • I worked with clients in Sydney, Wollongong, Melbourne, Milan, London, Johannesburg, New York, Washington DC
  • Number of engagements: 10
  • Days worked: 219
  • Days commuting: 0
  • Days of travel: 3 (2 x Melbourne, 1 x Canberra)

Projects Accomplished

  • Bushfire risk analysis and mapping
  • Anomaly detection and cluster analysis for financial crime detection
  • Customer segmentation and recommender system build for financial services company
  • Youth mental health geospatial hotspot analysis
  • Analysis and mapping of access to Assisted Reproductive Technologies
  • Data pipeline build for a large scientific research project on pandemic prevention
  • Azure MLOps implementation
  • Responsible AI advisory
  • Marketing intelligence interactive mapping application
  • Data science team strategy consulting
  • Workshops on emerging data science product development for start-ups


  • Universities
  • Journalism
  • Software development
  • Aged Care
  • Financial Services
  • Not for Profit (healthcare)
  • Telecommunications

Happy snaps